Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix's RPGs are almost universally big time sinks. It varies, of course, but a lot of them sit above 50 hours if you want to see everything they have to offer. The publisher's hugely anticipated upcoming game, Final Fantasy XVI, is continuing that tradition.

Speaking with Famitsu and translated by aitaikimochi on Twitter, director Hiroshi Takai and producer Naoki Yoshida confirm the RPG will take players between 70 and 80 hours if you want to see and do everything. The main storyline "will probably take about 35 hours to clear", Takai says, adding that it'll be "double that amount" if you include side content.

Yoshida elaborates, explaining they "wanted the player to be able to experience the story from start to finish," and that if "the story length was too long, then it might get tiring to play". This resulted in a shorter main quest — though 35 hours is nothing to sniff at — and a tonne of side quests and optional content for those who want it. "If you want to master and level up all abilities, gather all accessories, do all the side quests, and fight all the monster hunts, you’re probably looking at about 70-80 hours of gameplay."

On top of that will be the New Game+ mode dubbed Final Fantasy Mode. In short, it sounds as though the game will be very robust with plenty to keep you occupied.

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