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Image: Push Square

Bandai Namco has hit Elden Ring fans with an array of dizzying stats and figures. With the game now just over a year old, the publisher has put out a large infographic that shines a light on everyone's collective efforts, and, yeah, we've died a lot.

More than 9 billion times, to be precise. Of that enormous figure, 69 per cent of deaths came from enemies and NPCs (presumably including bosses) while 14 per cent was caused by falling from height. Whoops!

Elsewhere, players have clocked in a whopping 5.9 billion boss fight attempts, with Malenia being the most popular with 329 million. She's followed by Margit at 281 million, then Limgrave Tree Sentinel with 277 million.

Players have used 1 billion summons, the vast majority of which have been for co-op buddies rather than invasions. The top spell is the ever-useful Rock Sling, while the most acquired incantation is Blessing of the Erdtree.

How many deaths have you contributed to Elden Ring's staggering figures? Tread carefully in the comments section below.

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