EA Sports PGA Tour PS5 PlayStation 5 Trophies 1
Image: Push Square

There was a time when sports games Trophies bordered on the impossible, and that’s still somewhat the case with the NBA 2K series. But the developers of Madden NFL and MLB The Show have toned down the requirements in recent years, and EA Sports PGA Tour looks like it’ll have a pretty easy Platinum to unlock.

Originally due out this week, the title was delayed slightly to align with the Masters, but that’s not stopped its virtual PS5 pots from hitting Sony’s servers. And this looks like it’ll have a pretty straightforward route to PlayStation’s prestigious silver-blue Trophy, as all you’ll really need to do is win tournaments like the US Open and FedExCup.

We’re going to assume there’ll be difficulty toggles, so this should be pretty easy. The hardest Trophies pertain to hitting a hole in one and holing from over 100 yards out. Aside from that, you’ll need to win a single online head-to-head game, and will need to shoot 59 or lower on an 18-hole course. And that’s it: there are just 19 Trophies in total, including the Platinum!

[source exophase.com]