Career mode is the backbone of any sports game: it’s the ultimate power fantasy to create your own character and take them to the top of your favourite discipline. And there are few surprises in EA Sports PGA Tour’s main single player option, which follows the same formula as its predecessors. You can choose whether you want to start as an amateur or head straight to the PGA, and as you play you’ll be able to level up your abilities.

You can also create loadouts, customising your clubs for different situations. And you can toggle whether you want to play alongside an AI opponent, or speed up the round and focus on your own shots. The user interface and graphical presentation looks clean, and all in all it sounds like a solid if somewhat safe mode.

Unfortunately, there’ll be no option to accept an enormous pay cheque and transition to the LIV Golf league once your bank balance is looking a little light. But then, this is an officially licensed golf game from the PGA – that was never going to happen, was it?