Disney Dreamlight Valley Simba Nala PS5 PS4 PlayStation 1

The next major Disney Dreamlight Valley update will open its doors on 5th April, and it looks like fans of the Animal Crossing-esque outing can look forward to a bunch of new content – including the previously announced Lion King realm. While Gameloft is keeping details close to its chest, the developer’s already confirmed that Simba and Nala will be arriving the Valley, taking the total number of characters in the game up to an impressive 25.

In addition, it looks like there’ll be a new Star Path themed around Disney’s various theme parks. For those of you who don’t play the title, these are effectively Battle Passes, which reward you with unique items like furniture and outfits for completing in-game tasks. The previous reward track focused on Disney's centenary and Steamboat Willie, and included some pretty cool monochrome content for you to install into your house.

It’s likely this upcoming update will add in various other gameplay improvements and bug fixes, too; for example, the game’s Festival of Friendship season from February included new storage management features to help with the piles of items you accrue. It’ll be interesting to see whether there are any crossover incentives for those planning to pick up Disney Speedstorm as well, as the kart racer’s due to release a couple of weeks into April.

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