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Destiny 2's latest raid, Root of Nightmares, was cleared the same day it launched, with a fireteam made up of HITP (Hard in the Paint) members Roen, Osiris, Punz, Kai, SK, and Grangalf being crowned World First.

The feat was achieved in just shy of two and a half hours, with the raid going live on 10th March, at 9 am PST. HITP cleared the final encounter at 11:25 am PST, officially the first group in the world to do so.

The race for World First is, at this point, a well worn-tradition, with players competing for bragging rights every time a new raid is released. This was one of the shorter bouts, with The Last Wish, for comparison, taking more than 18 hours of continuous effort to clear.

Are you keyed into the raid scene in Destiny 2? Have you had a chance to dive into Destiny 2's new and slightly underwhelming Lightfall expansion? Race to be first in the comments section below.

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