Those of you who grew up sculpting the corridors of your very own Theme Hospital on PS1 may want to pay attention to the latest tycoon title from indie outfit Brightrock Games. The appropriately named Galacticare will put you in charge of your very own intergalactic infirmary, where you’ll need to tend to the whims of all manner of unwell aliens.

“With an offbeat narrative that twists together a ragtag group of eccentrics, Galacticare will take you on a journey beyond managing a hospital,” the blurb begins. “From your assistants – a dejected AI bureaucrat and Medi, a tireless janitorial robot – to the variety of consultants you’ll hire and bring along on your journey, the characters will grow beside you as you progress deeper through the story.”

As you’d expect, you’ll be responsible for designing and upgrading innovative new treatment technologies to solve an array of ailments, and you’ll also have to contend with outer-space adversities that will test your management abilities to their limits. You’ll need to prepare prudently for every possible outcome, and make tough life-or-death decisions when push comes to shove.

There’s no firm launch date right now, but the release is on a waiting list ahead of its 2023 arrival. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to cure the universe? Make a diagnosis in the comments section below.