Crusader Kings 3: Console Edition was released on PS5 last year, and while we thought it was great, we only got to experience the base game. Thankfully, the excellent Royal Court expansion has been announced to be making the jump to consoles, which is a regal pronouncement we couldn't be more pleased to make.

As anyone who has played Crusader Kings 3 on PC knows, it's pretty tough to go back once you've experienced the conveniences and improvements that Royal Court brings to the well-stocked table. Players will be able to decorate their throne room with trophies and precious works of art, which isn't just for cosmetic purposes, actually adding a light RPG system to what is already a splendidly intricate experience.

If you haven't yet, and you enjoy the core Crusader King's experience, we would heartily recommend giving Royal Court a shot, as this expansion is the perfect excuse to dive back in for another round of back-room politicking. Will you be establishing your very own Royal Court? Pay homage in the comments section below.