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Crash Team Rumble is on the horizon, with the competitive multiplayer spinoff unleashed on 20th June, on both PS5 and PS4. We just learned some juicy new details about the title, like that there will be a closed beta in the coming weeks and the welcome news that character unlocks won't be tied to Battle Pass progress.

In a lengthy blog post, publisher Activision made its intentions quite clear, writing, "We want a balanced experience for every player to enjoy the N. Sane fun that Crash Team Rumble has to offer, which is why new heroes and powers will be earned through in-game challenges and NOT tied to the Battle Pass. Battle Passes will only reward cosmetic items for those who want to get a WUMP on the season’s latest looks; however, cosmetics will also be earnable through seasonal event participation."

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Players preordering the hybrid platformer/brawler can participate in a closed beta, held between 20-24th April. Online matches against other players and training bouts with AI bots will be available for those looking to dive right in.

What do you think of Crash Team Rumble? Will you be checking out the closed beta session? Get ready to rumble in the comments section below.