Square Enix has announced it's bringing the HD-2D remake of its classic SNES RPG Live A Live to PS5, PS4 on 27th April 2023. A demo is available on the PS Store now, and you'll be able to carry over your progress into the full game once it launches next month. PS Plus members can get a 20 per cent discount on digital pre-orders, which brings the price down to £31.99/$39.99. Check out the announcement trailer above.

Somewhat similar in style and structure to last month's Octopath Traveler II, you'll follow the stories of seven different characters across different time periods and locations. You can play the campaigns in any order you like, and all of them have different spins on gameplay. Without the PS Plus discount — which expires on release day — the game costs £39.99/$49.99. There's no word on a physical release yet.

Live A Live originally launched on Nintendo Switch last year to a wave of positive reviews. Our sister site Nintendo Life awarded the RPG an 8/10, praising its gorgeous visuals, rearranged music, and unique approach. "This remake reintroduces an influential, unique JRPG to the wider world with aplomb, with a cacophony of different gameplay styles, music, and visuals that somehow hang together beautifully."

Will you be playing Live A Live on PS5, PS4 next month? Pick your starting story in the comments below.