SEGA Dreamcast fans, rejoice! As you may recall, the publisher has licensed out Cosmic Smash for a PSVR2 revival named C-Smash VRS. Announced last month, the game looks to take the minimalist, neo-future stylings of the original and apply it to virtual reality — arguably where it's always belonged. Fortunately, it's not too far away, either; as the above trailer reveals, the game is heading our way on 23rd June 2023.

If you're curious to see how it plays, you're in luck, as the demo is now available on PS Store. What's included? After playing a tutorial to find your footing, you'll be able to play Practice mode to hone your squash skills in single player. Additionally, you'll be able to sample the Versus online mode. The final game will include solo play as well as co-op and versus modes in online multiplayer.

Will you be checking out the C-Smash VRS demo on PSVR2? Move furniture out of the way in the comments section below.