Anonymous;Code, the latest game from Steins;Gate creator Chiyomaru Shikura, is coming to North America and Europe on 8th September – and it’ll feature an English dub, as well as its original Japanese voices.

The game – about a group of hackers who will “rewrite the future” – is set in future Tokyo, and revolves around the events that unfold when protagonist Pollon Takaoka encounters a mysterious girl named Momo. The blurb adds: “Live the experience with Pollon, help him hack the myriad branches of reality, and ‘load’ the ending that saves the world!”

In addition to a digital launch, a limited number of physical copies will be made available, and will ship in a steelbook with art by Haruhisa Nakata. Spike Chunsoft will handle distribution in North America, while Numskull Games will oversee the release in Europe.