Well, based on previous leaks, we knew it was coming — and here it is. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is very much a live service game. It's got a story and it's got cutscenes, but it's also got loot levels, a cosmetic battle pass, and the promise of long-term support in the form of additional characters and content updates. This is basically Rocksteady — the developer behind the strictly single-player Batman Arkham games — making something that resembles Destiny.

Now look, Suicide Squad could end up being really good. The gameplay above looks like it could be great fun, with all of the aerial movement and super attacks. But we're not convinced that it's enough to reverse the narrative that this is another Marvel's Avengers.

And we don't think it helps that this developer video (below) is full of the usual buzzwords and the blatant PR packaging that people associate with typical live service titles.

To be clear, you can play Suicide Squad alone; it's been confirmed that bots will fill in for the other characters if you do. And again, it might blow us all away when it releases in late May — we're not going judge the game until we've got our hands on it.

But purely from our perspective of looking at what the online consensus is surrounding video games, we feel like this is going to be a hard sell. Suicide Squad's got some work to do between now and launch.

What are your thoughts on Suicide Squad right now? Do you need convincing, or did you enjoy the latest presentation? Show us what real justice is in the comments section below.