PlayStation Logo Sound

Sometimes a particular sound or musical jingle becomes so synonymous with a brand or product that you don't even think about its origins. For most people, we would assume that's the case with the electronic note that has accompanied PlayStation logos since the days of the PS1.

If you don't quite know what we're on about, here's a selection of examples:

Sadly, the reason we're writing this article is because the musician behind that iconic note, Tohru Okada, has passed away at the age of 73.

Okada was prolific in his field, and had been writing, performing, and producing all kinds of music for decades. He's perhaps most commonly associated with innovative Japanese band Moonriders, which he co-founded back in 1975.

The PlayStation sound may just be one note — a drop in the ocean of Okada's storied discography — but it's something that's helped define the brand's identity since its inception. The PlayStation we know today wouldn't exist in quite the same way without Okada's input.

Our thoughts are with Okada's family and friends.

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