Bungie has a real habit of putting out pre-release promotional videos for its Destiny 2 expansions that make you think to yourself: "I should probably get back into Destiny 2." And, with Lightfall just around the corner, this latest ViDoc is no different. The new DLC for the looter shooter comes to PS5, PS4 on 28th February 2023, and the video above covers everything you should expect from the expansion.

Across 16 minutes of deep dives and details, the Bungie team focuses on the plot of Lightfall and the new power every Guardian will come to wield: Strand. There's also a new location to explore and patrol called Neomuna, which is covered in neon lights and is also in ruins in parts. It then concludes by covering Guardian Ranks and commendations, to allow you to thank the players you play alongside.

Has it convinced you to play Destiny 2 all over again, or at least think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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