The Last of Us HBO

The latest episode of HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us may have just been the best yet (it was certainly the most watched), giving us a caring and nuanced look at the otherwise gruff character of Bill, in addition to the effortlessly charming Frank. However, one aspect of the episode has drawn some good-natured commentary: the depiction of Boston's surrounding geography.

Author Stephen King appears to have gotten the ball rolling, with a Tweet drawing attention to what he believed to be the least believable aspect of the post-apocalyptic fungus-zombie narrative.

Boston is apparently a pretty flat area, geographically speaking, and the vista depicted in the title card looks far more like Canada or Northern California. Considering that The Last of Us was reportedly shot in Calgary, it's probably safe to assume that the frame in question depicts the former.

Even got in on the fun. Other commentators lamented the lack of Dunkin' Donuts outlets depicted, which are apparently rife in that part of the world. Word is drone footage and VFX shots of Boston were used in the previous two episodes, but it looks like someone on set decided to play fast and loose with real-world topography.

What do you think, is this whole thing too hyper-specific, even for terminally online types like us? Take your best shot in the comments section below.