The Division 2's latest season of content, known as Reign of Fire, is available today, with the developers overcoming a nasty localisation glitch issue that made updating the game impossible. In recompense, players affected by the downtime were awarded a Compensation Cache for their troubles.

Reign of Fire introduces an array of new weapons and gear for dedicated Agents to hunt down, in addition to dozens of minor fixes and changes and, of course, the main course, a continuance of the ongoing and rather Machiavellian storyline.

Following an alliance between the Black Tusk and the True Sons, and with Captain Lewis and his men throwing their lot in with The Division, new battle lines have been drawn. Your task will be to track down and neutralise one of Black Tusk's explosive experts, known by the callsign "Stovepipe", before it's too late.

Are you diving into Reign of Fire, or are you already occupied with the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall, which also launches today? Draw a line in the sand in the comments section below.