Tetris Effect (or Tetris Effect: Connected if you want to get serious about it) is a magnificent falling block puzzler that we've played a lot on PS4 and PSVR. However, we're itching to get acquainted with the game all over again when it launches on PS5 day and date with PSVR2. It's going to look so good with the spangly new hardware.

The PS5/PSVR2 version of the game will boast 4K visuals and full support of haptic feedback, whether you play on a TV or in VR. But it isn't just a shiny new port that tetrimino fans can look forward to. The game is also set to receive a slate of new mode variations on the same day, and this update will be made available on all platforms for free.

So, what's included in this update? As explained in the above video, some fan-requested additions are being made that make Tetris Effect a little bit more flexible. First up, the Classic Score Attack mode is getting proper single player support, allowing you to rack up a high score without needing to feign having a second player. This will be playable in both the NTSC and PAL game speeds.

Next up is Zone Marathon mode, which is what it sounds like. It's the classic Marathon mode we all know and love, only with the addition of Tetris Effect's brilliant Zone mechanic, which freezes the action and lets you clear a bunch of lines all at once. On top of that, both the Purify and Master modes are getting Endless variations, allowing you to play them to your heart's content rather than be limited by timers.

The video goes into a lot more detail, so if you're a big Tetris fan, give it a watch. Are you excited for Tetris Effect: Connected on PS5 and PSVR2? Will you be checking out these new modes? T-spin into the comments section below.

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