In what was a surprising twist, Tekken 8 got a full-on system and mechanics breakdown video during the Tekken World Tour finals this weekend. The 36-minute explanation features series director Katsuhiro Harada and game director Kohei Ikeda as they cover all of the sequel's gameplay additions. And yes, there's plenty of gameplay footage.

If you're not already big on Tekken, then this video might not do much for you — but it's fair to say that the development team is making big changes. As previously promised, Tekken 8 will greatly reward aggressive play, introducing an entirely new system called 'Heat'. This is a new bar that's found below the health gauge, and upon activation, it allows characters to enter a 'heated' state in which their offensive abilities are enhanced for a limited time.

You could argue that adding yet another mechanic on top of Tekken's already complex fighting system is a bit much, but the team hopes to counteract this newfound depth with a second control mode. At any time during a match, you can hold down L1 and open up a list of key moves, each attached to a single button. According to Harada and Ikeda, this should let players of all skill levels get used to the flow of combat, especially now that the Heat system is in place.

And just to top things off, Nina Williams has been confirmed as a returning character. Her fresh design looks fantastic, and she's not afraid of pulling out a couple of pistols during her combos.

Despite all the new information, though, we still don't have any kind of release window for Tekken 8. Harada comments that development is going well, but it "may take some time".

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