Like a Dragon: Ishin PS5 PlayStation

Like a Dragon: Ishin will roar onto PS5 on 21st February, and by all indications, it's looking like it will satisfy fans' cravings for a new Ryu Ga Gotoku-developed adventure. With release right around the corner, we got a peek at some DLC coming to the game at launch, and players will be able to don the modern-day threads of the Dragon of Dojima himself, Kazuma Kiryu.

It all gets quite meta but stick with us here as we unwrap the layers on display. Kazuma Kiryu is the long-time protagonist of the Yakuza series. In Like a Dragon: Ishin, players wear the sandals of radical revolutionary Sakamoto Ryoma, who in-game shares a visual appearance and a voice actor with Kazuma Kiryu, a gimmick that extends to most of the rest of the main cast. Now, not only will you look and sound like Kiryu, but you will also be able to dress up like him, allowing for all kinds of anachronistic shenanigans.

Will you bring a sense of Kamurocho cool to the mean streets of Kyo? Or does the Yakuza sense of style clash too drastically with those iconic Shinsemgumi threads? Dress it up however you like in the comments section below.