Final Fantasy VII Remake AirPod Case

Square Enix has announced a new piece of officially licensed Final Fantasy VII Remake merchandise: a metallic AirPod case engraved with the Shinra Electric Power Company logo.... and we must have it.

With space for a charging cable, the case also works with wireless charging options if you are so inclined, and its dangerously cool industrial finish is the closest a physical object has ever come to encapsulating the style and sheer animal magnetism of the Turks themselves. But, like, think Rude, not so much Reno.

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Designed to fit the first-generation AirPod Pro, this little beauty retails for $34.99 on the North American Square Enix Store. Pre-orders are available now, with orders expected to ship in August.

What do you think of this little beauty, corporate chic or gaudy gimmick? Get on the right side of this topic in the comments section below.