Kill It with Fire VR 1

Arachnophobes, you might want to skip this article. Kill It with Fire, a game about hunting down and squishing spiders with ridiculous weapons, is already available on PS4 — but it'll soon be taken to a new dimension. Yes, developer Casey Donnellan Games has announced it's bringing the arachnid-eradicating title to virtual reality, and that includes both PSVR and the imminent PSVR2.

By and large, the game will be much the same as its flat-screen version. From a first-person view, you'll look for eight-legged pests in a variety of locations, arming yourself with whatever comes to hand. Starting off with things like frying pans, you'll gradually unlock more and more deadly weaponry that'll make sure those darn spiders meet their maker. In VR, you'll be placed within these spaces and can smack those spiders away yourself.

"Fans have been asking for a VR version of [the game] since the very first footage of the original game," says Casey Donnellan, solo developer on Kill It with Fire. "I'm really happy that we can finally put horrifying spiders on a screen less than an inch from players' eyeballs!"

The game will launch on PSVR and PSVR2 sometime in 2023 for $14.99 / €14.99. Will you be swatting spiders in VR, or does the idea give you the creeps? Tell us in the comments section below.