PSVR2 Launch Window

Sony really isn't letting up with the PSVR2 announcements this week as it's revealed another 9 games that are planned to release for the headset in the coming months. Since there's so much to get through here, we're going to largely quote from the PlayStation Blog, embed the accompanying trailers, and provide any other important details.

Another Fisherman's Tale

Another Fisherman’s Tale is the highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning A Fisherman’s Tale. This captivating adventure game takes players on a journey through a surreal world filled with imaginative locations and mind-bending puzzles. The game’s poetic storytelling and unique VR mechanics include the ability to detach and control limbs, making for a truly immersive experience. If you’re a fan of imaginative, narrative-driven games, then Another Fisherman’s Tale is a must-play.

Another Fisherman's Tale launches for PSVR2 "later this year".


The team here at Free Lives are excited to bring the frighteningly realistic depiction of gladiatorial combat to PS VR2, just like the ancient Romans would have wanted. Since we first started developing Gorn we’ve added lots of new weapons, foes, and game modes for budding gladiators to take down in the arena and we believe this is our best version yet!

An updated version of a PSVR game, Gorn comes to PSVR2 on 16th March 2023. It's not known yet whether there'll be a free PSVR to PSVR2 upgrade.

Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer

Nock, the latest addition to the virtual reality gaming world, combines the excitement of bow and arrow action with the thrill of a high-stakes soccer match. Players can skate and fly around a dynamic pitch, using their bow and arrow to blast the ball into their opponent’s goal. With ranked multiplayer matches, casual custom games, and skill-based matchmaking, Nock offers a cross-platform gaming experience that is easy to learn but challenging to master. Communication with teammates is made easy with in-game voice chat and individual muting options.

Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer releases for PSVR2 next month.

Hellsweeper VR

From the creators of Sairento VR and the publishers behind Arizona Sunshine comes the physics-defying Hellsweeper VR, an intense VR experience where earthly physics do not exist and gravity-defying movements become your new reality. As you traverse the different dimensions of Hell, gain mastery of a wide range of weapons and elemental magic, all while exploring crazy moves you previously thought imaginary.

Hellsweeper VR launches for PSVR2 "later this year".


Ahoy, vikings! Are you ready to rock? Ragnarock is a solo/multiplayer VR rhythm game in which you play a viking captain competing in a ship race through mythological environments. Using your two hammers, crush the incoming runes in sync with epic viking music! Following the tradition of arcade games, Ragnarock is easy to play, hard to master. Only the most experienced players will be able to collect all the gold medals, beat the high scores and sign their name on the leaderboard. The multiplayer PvP mode, up to 6 players, brings real-time competition against your friends.

Ragnarock is a new PSVR2 launch game, out tomorrow.


Born out of a love for the look and feel of late 1980’s prestige anime, Runner is a visceral arcade experience that we are excited to release on PlayStation VR2 on February 22 with platform-specific enhancements. You can enjoy freeform VR shooting and blisteringly fast motorcycle combat in crystal clear 4K featuring intuitive gameplay with upgradeable sidearm mods, unique mounted cannon weapons, and time-bending special moves. You’ll feel the tactile immersion with weapon-specific adaptive trigger feedback and haptic controller effects, with the PS VR2 headset feedback conveying every shot, impact, and cannon blast

Runner is another PSVR2 launch title, out tomorrow.

Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending

Dock your barship and serve up some wild creations in Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending, featuring a fully voiced campaign, millions of drink combinations, and daily leaderboard competitive modes. With its procedurally generated shifts, you’ll never know what you’re going to rustle up. Between shifts, you can unwind, build new bar machines, get new ingredients and mix your own custom concoctions. Headset feedback and controller haptics let you feel every shake, slice, and squeeze as you go bar to bar. Work hard and you might even break a sweat!

Owners of the original Startenders will get a free PSVR to PSVR2 upgrade.

Sushi Ben

Sushi Ben is a VR narrative adventure where you must save a local sushi restaurant from going out of business. But it won’t be easy! First, you’ll need to meet the townspeople and help them out in order to earn their trust. Sushi Ben features colorful narrative encounters, beautiful 3D manga panels, and an anime-inspired art style.

Sushi Ben will release for PSVR2 "later this year".

Unplugged: Air Guitar

Jump on stage in and live out your rock-star fantasy in Unplugged: Air Guitar, arriving February 22 for PS VR2. Play air guitar to some of the biggest, most insanely cool songs from world-famous rock bands, including Ozzy Osbourne, The Offspring and Weezer. Unplugged is all about making you feel like a rock legend.

Unplugged: Air Guitar is yet another newly announced PSVR2 launch title, out tomorrow.

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