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Image: Push Square

It’s been over 18 months since the last proper PlayStation Showcase, and you count the number of announced first-party projects from the platform holder on one hand. After a low-key State of Play, many are wondering just what the eff the manufacturer is thinking? Well, according to industry snoop Jeff Grubb – who’s been consistent with this message – the company’s saving its good stuff for a proper livestream later in the year.

“Sony itself is saving its own actual good stuff for something else which is what’s happening here, they're saving their good stuff for the PlayStation Showcase that's going to happen before E3,” he claimed in a YouTube video. “It was supposed to happen last fall but they kept pushing it back because their developers weren't ready, but now those developers are ready, they’re going to have a massive show that really sets up the second phase of the PS5.”

This seems fairly likely to us: the PS5’s stock situation looks like it’s been resolved, and at some point the firm’s going to have to announce some new games. It does raise questions about the purpose of State of Play, though: as we pointed out in our reaction article overnight, it doesn’t really feel like the manufacturer considers its own broadcasts to be worthy of major first-party announcements. And if that’s the case, then we can’t help but wonder why the format even exists.

Nevertheless, the prospect of a major PlayStation presentation being approximately three months away is exciting, and given it’s basically been playing hide-and-seek for well over a year, we’d expect it to come out swinging here. Expectations will certainly be sky-high – let’s see if it can deliver.