Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Rumour

Who's ready for more Metal Gear rumours, then? Oh, and Castlevania too! These latest whispers come from the first episode of VGC's new weekly podcast, in which there's mention of the long-rumoured Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and a new Castlevania title.

According to the show, Konami plans on having a "pretty big" presence at E3 this summer, with both of the aforementioned projects apparently set to be there. There's also talk of the Snake Eater revival being used to test the waters for future Metal Gear developments.

As we keep saying, these Metal Gear rumours have been doing the rounds for a long, long time. Supposedly, Konami has been revitalising the property behind the scenes — much like its reestablishment of Silent Hill — and so it's always been a question of when the curtains would finally be lifted. VGC, a reliable source for industry matters, reckons this year's E3 could be the one to watch.

How would you feel about Konami remaking Metal Gear Solid 3? And what would you want from a new Castlevania? Go big or go home in the comments section below.

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