Sony has posted a Horizon Call of the Mountain launch trailer ahead of the game's release alongside PSVR2 on 22nd February 2023, which features new gameplay footage and our first glimpse of Aloy. We have known she will be in the title for some time now, but here we see her in the virtual reality flesh as part of a story cutscene. There's also a bit of crafting, climbing, and combat to enjoy in 87 seconds of PSVR2 action.

"Step into the adventure and explore majestic and deceptively peaceful wilds where deadly machines could lurk around any corner, experience subtle sensations like tension when you pull back your bow string and help Ryas earn his freedom and redemption by investigating a mysterious new threat to the Sundom and the world," the description on YouTube explains. This PSVR2 launch game is priced at £59.99/$59.99.

Our PSVR2 coverage is currently ongoing, with more details and reviews set to be published over the coming days and weeks. Our PSVR2 review can be read in full as well as our Horizon Call of the Mountain verdict, both of which went live yesterday. "Horizon Call of the Mountain is not without its flaws, but it’s hard to imagine a better showcase of PSVR2’s potential than this," we concluded. "The core climbing gameplay is impressively executed, and it evolves just enough over the course of the campaign to remain fulfilling."