Remember Eternights, the intriguing action RPG that was first shown during one of Sony's State of Play broadcasts last year? Well, developer Studio Sai has just provided an update on how things are going.

Just to recap, this is an action-based adventure that operates on a calendar system, similar to something like Persona. You also get to romantically involve yourself with your fellow survivors, which should give the title an interesting edge.

The team says that Eternights is now on track for a summer 2023 release, and it sounds like the project has gone through some fairly significant changes since its announcement. Don't worry, though — it would appear that this is still the stylish apocalyptic adventure that was shown months back.

Studio Sai says that it's made improvements to the game's overall flow, with a better user interface, combat enhancements, and more. "We have also made significant updates to the environment and level design of Eternights to provide players with more compelling reasons to explore the dungeons with their beloved confidants," the developer explains.

Indeed, the game is looking noticeably sharper in its new trailer (embedded at the top of this article) compared to how it appeared back in June. Hopefully we get to see even more footage in the near future.

Are you looking forward to Eternights? Admit that the apocalypse doesn't look too bad in the comments section below.