Adorable roguelike Backpack Hero takes inventory management, something that can be a minor annoyance in other games, and builds an entire gameplay conceit around it, and it's coming to PS5 and PS4 in May.

The aim of the game is to delve into dungeons and find loot, and how you organise that loot determines how powerful your character is. There are five characters to choose from, each offering its own twist on gameplay; the robot CR-8 is able to program sorting commands into its backpack, for example.

With hundreds of items to find and dozens of enemy types to overcome, the loot you do manage to get away with can be used to build out a town which will function as your home base. It looks like a pretty awesome twist on what was an already compelling sub-genre in the spirit of games like Moonlighter.

What do you think of Backpack Hero? A winning formula, or a whole lot of busy work? Put everything into its proper place in the comments section below.