If you happened to watch the latest Nintendo Direct, then you’ll know developer Level-5 is back in business. The former Sony Interactive Entertainment second-party has been licking its wounds of late, after some serious management setbacks – but DECAPOLICE looks like a real return to form for the legendary Japanese developer.

Billed as a kind of “crime suspense RPG”, the trailer introduces a virtual world called DECAISM, which is an exact replica of reality. The central gimmick seems to revolve around the fact that clues discovered in this synthetic land can help solve crimes in the real one. It’s not a particularly new idea, but we like it all the same.

It looks especially interesting here due to Level-5’s execution: we’re really enjoying the designs of the characters and the overall anime art style, as well as the voice acting and cinematography. While details are admittedly light right now, the title’s apparently due out in 2023 on PS5 and PS4, and we reckon this could end up being one to watch.

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