18th February 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of Horizon Forbidden West, and Guerrilla Games is celebrating with a new set of free PSN avatars and some fun stats about the PS5, PS4 exclusive to share. The avatars will be available on the PS Store from tomorrow, and they feature portraits of all the major characters in the game like Aloy, Erend, and Sylens. Of course, their story continues in the Burning Shores DLC in April.

Game director Mathjis de Jonge then explained the day leading up to the release of the game as "challenging, though any developer in our industry will inherently understand the mixture of excitement, nervousness, and anticipation as we start seeing your reactions come in. We spend most of the day refreshing social media, checking stats, and reading through initial feedback — whilst, of course, sharing a moment with the team, relishing in the incredible achievements and outcomes of over four years of work, now out in the world."

The codes you need for the PSN avatars are as follows:

  • Americas — G7XK-TNNR-NPLL
  • EMEA — B2B9-X5NK-494R
  • JAPAN — H7LG-45N4-BNKE
  • ASIA — 2QHR-8QN2-BQ2C
Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PS4 2

Guerrilla Games also shared some stats on some of the enemies and activities in the title. For example, the Scrounger and Burrower have been named the most dangerous new machines while the Hunter Bow was used the most to down enemies. Over 211,000 hours have been spent in Photo Mode, more than 595 million berries were consumed to replenish health, and more than 20 million hours have been spent underwater. You can see all the stats in the graph below.

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PS4 3

Of course, Horizon Forbidden West is joining PS Plus Extra on Tuesday, meaning these stats will only increase in the coming weeks. How do you reflect on the game one year later? Let us know in the comments below.

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