Are you tired of the annual Madden NFL cycle? Well, it looks like Modus Games is serious about upsetting the applecart: it’s announced the next entry of Maximum Football will run on Unreal Engine 5 – and will be free-to-play.

This series has been around for a little while now, offering a scrappy football simulation built on a lower budget – but this version looks like a pretty big upgrade.

“Maximum Football allows players to take control of their football destiny,” the press release reads.
“Players will have the choice to take on the league with professional or college rule sets. This is your league now. Take charge of your team with Maximum Football’s endless levels of customisation. From the roster to logos, jerseys and helmets and even individual pieces of equipment, craft your team exactly how you’d like, and then share it with the community.”

Obviously, it goes without saying, there’ll be no licensed NFL teams, but Dynasty Mode will still allow you to build your own dream football program, as you draft and recruit an elite roster of players to your team.

The developer’s promising regular updates beyond launch to keep things feeling fresh, but it’s not quite clear what the business model for the release is – we assume there’ll be microtransactions of some kind. Nevertheless, the title is still a little way away: it’s getting an Early Access demo on PC this Spring, ahead of a full-scale launch on PS5 and PS4 towards the end of the year.