Like a Dragon: Ishin! has been out for a few days already if you pre-ordered for early access, but if you happen to be picking it up today — on its official launch date — then this trailer will probably push your hype into overdrive.

As we've come to expect of Yakuza Like a Dragon (we promise we'll stop doing this joke at some point) promotional material, this is a great video — although it does feature some potentially spoiler-y stuff. If you want to go into the game completely blind, we'd recommend giving it a miss, purely for the sake of a few small details. But again, it's a really good trailer, boasting some of the game's rousing battle music.

It goes without saying that we're big fans of Ishin. We gave the action RPG a 'great' 8/10 in our Like a Dragon: Ishin! PS5 review. A must for fans of the franchise, and maybe even a good place to start for newcomers, given that it's a standalone storyline.

How are your hype levels for Ishin? Bring your prized blade to the comments section below.