The Evil Within

Update: Bethesda has confirmed Shinji Mikami's exit from Tango Gameworks in a short statement on social media:

Original Story: Shinji Mikami, founder and CEO of Tango Gameworks, is set to leave the studio "in the coming months". That's according to a new report from TrueAchievements, citing a company-wide email verified by Bethesda.

He will be stepping away from Tango after 12 years. Mikami formed the independent team after an illustrious career at Capcom and beyond, helping create iconic series like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. Other notable works include God Hand, Vanquish, and The Evil Within.

"Mikami-san has been a creative leader and supportive mentor to young developers at Tango for 12 years through his work on the Evil Within franchise, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and of course, Hi-Fi Rush," reads the email, signed by Bethesda's Todd Vaughn. The latter of those titles, an Xbox exclusive rhythm action game, is described as "one of the most successful launches for Bethesda and Xbox in recent years".

With regards to what's next for the designer/director, his future plans remain unknown for now. Of course, Tango Gameworks falls under Xbox's first-party umbrella these days, so we suppose Mikami may end up developing for multiple platforms once again. That's if he plans to continue working, anyway.

A final statement issued to TrueAchievements reads: "We wish Mikami-san well in the future and are excited by what lies ahead for the talented developers at Tango."

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