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A reminder that, even several years since its release, imbeciles are still acting abusively on the Internet. You may recall certain events in the story of The Last of Us: Part II sent a vocal minority of the video game community into a tiswas, and this resulted in all sorts of unacceptable abuse – even extending as far as Jocelyn Mettler, the face model of Abby.

It turns out people are still acting disgustingly, as Mettler shared a screenshot of the typical type of message she receives from so-called “fans” of the franchise. “How dare you live and continue being alive?” the foul message asks. It goes on to make even more horrific accusations and threats, and the individual even pertains to know “witchcraft”.

Criticism of the game is, of course, perfectly acceptable – but it shouldn’t need pointing out that messages like this way overstep the mark. Whatever your opinion, and no matter how much you dislike something, remember this is supposed to be entertainment – if you don’t like something, it’s pretty easy to just ignore it.