Square Enix has announced the free Final Fantasy VII-themed DLC pack for PowerWash Simulator will be available on PS5, PS4 from 2nd March 2023. It includes five more levels, allowing you to clean the likes of Seventh Heaven, a Mako Energy Exhibit, and an Airbuster. The Scorpion Sentinel and Cloud's Hardy Daytona bike also need a good scrubbing in the game. Check out a selection of new screenshots below.

You'll need to look out for the free Midgar Special Pack on the PS Store when the day arrives. The DLC will even include text messages from members of Avalanche and Shinra to add a bit of flavour. "Of course, the city of Midgar is a far cry from the not-really-mean streets of Muckingham — you’ll have to contend with new dirt types, such as bio-residue, as you spray your way through some truly iconic locations."

We recently published our PowerWash Simulator PS5 review, calling it "surprisingly appealing [and] deeply satisfying" after slapping a 7/10 score on the end. "Yes, you could get a power washer and hose down a patio in real life. However, combating all of those points is one simple fact: this is a video game, and once you've cleaned something, it goes "ding" and makes you feel really good."

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