Unreal Engine 5 / Firewall Ultra
Image: Push Square

First Contact Entertainment was onto something with its PSVR-exclusive tactical shooter, Firewall Zero Hour. It garnered a small but passionate player pool, kept interested by the developer's surprisingly long-term post-launch support. Now, those fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel, Firewall Ultra, due to arrive on PSVR2 later this year. Not only will it be making good use of the new headset's unique features, it's also employing the latest tech to make the game look its best.

Over on the Unreal Engine website, you can read an in-depth interview with First Contact, where it's revealed the upcoming FPS will be built within Unreal Engine 5. It'll be one of the first virtual reality games made using Epic's new engine technology.

Developing the game in UE5 has allowed the team to implement lots of real-time lighting as well as deferred rendering, which results in "the use of much more sophisticated shaders". In other words, it should look fantastic, and all running at a smooth frame rate.

On top of that, the game will make liberal use of PSVR2's bells and whistles, with eye-tracking being a key aspect. Using this feature, the game will let you choose your weapon from menus by looking at the one you want, but it'll also be used for aiming grenade throws and more. Additionally, the Sense controllers are put to full use with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and finger sensing.

You can read much more in the full interview, if you're interested. It sounds like the game could be a real looker on PSVR2. Are you excited for Firewall Ultra? Take cover in the comments section below.

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