Final Fantasy 16 Side Quests

We've only just been bombarded with brand new hands on previews for Final Fantasy XVI, but if you're already wondering when the next info drop will be, you'll want to mark April on your calendar. That's according to a freshly published Famitsu interview (as relayed by @aitaikimochi), which says that the next big marketing blitz is just a couple of months away.

If you've been keeping up with the action RPG until now, you'll be well aware that all of the marketing so far has focused on story and combat. And while the development team has been quick to reassure potential players that exploration is still a key part of the experience, we're yet to actually see how the game's structured outside of linear locations and battle.

Fortunately, it sounds like this next gameplay barrage will highlight everything else that the title has to offer. There's talk of side quests, monster hunts, shopping, crafting, and more in the aforementioned interview.

The team also reiterates that Final Fantasy XVI's story is around 35 hours in length, but if you add everything together — that's all the optional content, the combat, etc. — then you're looking at 70-80 hours of adventure.

If you're hankering for more information on the game right now, you might want to check out our massive Final Fantasy XVI preview. Yep, we've actually played it — and it's incredibly promising.

What do you want to know most about Final Fantasy XVI now that we're just several months away from release? Swear revenge in the comments section below.

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