Evo 2023 Games

Evo 2023 will be taking place at some point this summer, with Sony once again backing the world's biggest fighting game event. But what fighting games are actually going to be there? Well, we'll find out tomorrow (that's the 21st February), as an 'Announcement Show' will air at 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern / 1AM UK time the next day.

It could be an interesting lineup, because we've got Street Fighter 6 launching on the 2nd June. You would assume that it'll be Evo 2023's main attraction, as the annual event tends to pop up later in the summer. Pro players could have at least a couple of months to get to grips with Capcom's upcoming juggernaut.

Beyond that, we're very likely looking at yet another year for Tekken 7 — which has been around for what feels like an eternity — while popular Arc System Works titles like Guilty Gear Strive and Dragon Ball FighterZ are bound to return.

What lineup would you like to see at Evo 2023? Don't drop your combo in the comments section below.

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