Apex Legends Single Player Game EA Cancelled Report

EA is sunsetting the Apex Legends Mobile game, and according to a Bloomberg article by reliable reporter Jason Schreier, it’s also quietly cancelled an unannounced single player game from Respawn set in the same universe. The release, supposedly codenamed Titanfall Legends, was said to be a first-person shooter with mobility and style. Of course, we’ll probably never know what was planned, as the plug has now been pulled on the project.

More meaningful is that around 50 employees are said to be affected by the cancellation, and while the publisher is working to find new positions for all of them, those who can’t be reassigned work will reportedly be given severance packages and subsequently laid off.

In other related news, EA is also shutting down Battlefield Mobile developer Industrial Toys, although the publisher is yet to disclose how many jobs will be lost as a result of the move. This follows a series of layoffs right across the industry – it’s rough out there, folks.

[source bloomberg.com]