Dragon Age Dreadwolf Leak

Early gameplay footage from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has shown up online, highlighting the game's new action-based combat system. As per previously leaked details, you'll only be able to control the main character in fights, while your current party members back you up — a bit like how Mass Effect plays.

This latest leak shows the player hero running about with a sword and shield, dodging some attacks, blocking others, and performing a leaping, two-footed kick on a darkspawn. The camera, meanwhile, is placed directly behind the character, hovering not too far above their right shoulder — immediately drawing comparisons to likes of God of War 2018.

All of this takes place within what seems to be Weisshaupt, by the way. Fans may know the name, as it's a location that's been mentioned in previous titles. It's actually the headquarters of the Grey Wardens, with the leaked footage suggesting that, at one point during the campaign, you'll be defending the fortress from a darkspawn assault.

Honestly, it all looks fairly promising, although this leak does reinforce recent reports that Dreadwolf still has a long way to go in terms of development. Hopefully we get to see some official gameplay in the not too distant future.

How do you feel about Dreadwolf seemingly going full-on action RPG? Feel the darkspawn's call in the comments section below.

[source reddit.com, via imgur.com]