Iron Man Game EA

Remember when EA announced that it was making an Iron Man game? That was in September of last year, and now, developer EA Motive has confirmed that the project has officially entered production. If the name EA Motive sounds familiar, that's probably because it's the studio behind the recently released Dead Space remake. From one full-body metal suit to another!

Of course, this likely means that Iron Man is still a long way off. At this point, all we've been told is that it's a single-player, third-person action adventure — so you can already imagine the potential.

Reportedly, this project is just one of several Marvel-based games that EA has in the works. And when you put those alongside Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine — both coming from PlayStation Studio Insomniac Games — there's seemingly no end to this age of licensed superhero titles. Let's hope they all meet expectations, eh?

What do you want from this Iron Man game? Fire off some energy lasers in the comments section below.

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