Blood Bowl 3 is a violent take on American football set in a pocket dimension of the greater Warhammer universe, where crushing the opposition has a more literal meaning. Today, we got an overview trailer describing how the game adapts rules from the tabletop system it's based on. Blood Bowl 3 kicks off on PS5 and PS4 on 23rd February, after being delayed from last August.

In Blood Bowl 3, you choose one of 12 teams and lead them to sporting glory. The twist is that each team is based on a Warhammer fantasy faction, such as the savage Greenskins or the verminous Skaven. But it's OK if you don't know your Archaeons from your Azazels, the larger lore of the universe is mainly irrelevant to the violent delights that can be found on the field.

It looks pretty awesome in action, like if RPG mechanics and dice rolls governed Madden, and overt brutality was the goal rather than just a byproduct. What do you think of Blood Bowl 3, have you played previous titles in the series or the long-running tabletop game? Score a touchdown in the comments section below.