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Image: Push Square

With the PS Store host to 1,000s of must play games these days, you’re probably wondering whether you need to raid a bank to afford them all. Fortunately, Sony is sending out discount codes to select PSN members, offering a 10 per cent discount on any transaction through most of February. Not everyone on the Push Square team has received one of these, but it’s worth keeping an eye on your inbox to see if you’ve been selected.

The voucher can be applied to one full checkout, so you can add multiple games and add-ons to your basket and save across all of them. While you’ll need to purchase through the PS App – this seems designed to get you into the rhythm of using Sony’s smartphone software – that’s no hardship seeing as the tool is in a great place these days. All you have to do is enter your unique code during the payment process – easy-peasy, and the savings are not to be sniffed at.

Did you get a code from Sony at all? If so, what will you be using it on? Remember, there are a new set of deals on the PS Store today, so you can compound your savings if you got one of these codes. Happy days!