Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was one of the best Nintendo DS games of its era, inventing an innovative puzzle mechanic that took full advantage of the handheld’s touch screen. Now the game is making the jump to high definition television screens, as part of a port that will see the title debut on the PlayStation 4.

This new remastered version will pack the same thought-provoking puzzles as the original, where you play as a ghoul named Sissel, who must leap between inanimate objects and manipulate them in order to save the lives of a rather unfortunate cast. Possessing corpses enables you to rewind time and relive the moments before their death, unlocking new opportunities to steer them away from their untimely end.

In addition to the improved visuals, the re-release will feature revamped menus and a remastered soundtrack by The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’ Yasumasa Kitagawa. The game’s due out later this summer, but no specific release date has been announced just yet.