If you've ever looked at a typical dungeon crawler and thought, yes, what this needs is the ability to become romantically involved with personifications of the weapons you wield, that very specific desire has now been catered for. Boyfriend Dungeon has "surprise" launched on PS5 today, 14th February 2023.

It's not exactly a surprise; the port was rated in Taiwan recently, which is always an indicator of a game's impending release. Now, developer Kitfox has confirmed the news, and the game itself is available right now for £15.99/$19.99.

You can get a feel for what this unusual game offers in the above trailer. It's more or less split between your regular isometric hack-and-slash fare and visual novel, in which your weaponry transforms into a varied cast of people with whom you can build relationships. It certainly seems unique, and it's an apt game to check out on Valentine's Day.

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