Battlefield 2042's fourth season of content, called Eleventh Hour, drops next week, on 28th February. It brings a new map, Specialist, weapons, vehicle, and more than 100 tiers of Battle Pass to the fore, and as is now tradition, we got an extra-spicy trailer showing it all in action.

The star of the show here is undoubtedly the new map, Flashpoint, which is an arid location in South Africa that promises plenty of close-quarters combat, alongside the inclusion of a reworked classic map, Discarded.

The CAV-Brawler armoured transport looks like a worthy addition, along with the Super 500 Shotgun Sidearm, which gets a glorious moment to shine in the trailer. Finally, recon specialist Camila Blasco will complement stealthy players, with her X6- Infiltration Device allowing for covert ops on the fly.

Are you excited about the start of Battlefield 2042 Season 4? Or has that ship long since sailed? Rack em' up in the comments section below.