There’s something unquestionably sinister about the look of Animal Well, the pixel art platformer from one-man development outfit Shared Memory. This game has a throwback aesthetic, with its CRT filter and pixel art style – but it’s being developed for the PS5, and is clearly utilising effects that would have been impossible on older 8-bit machines. The result is quite unique, as chunky explosions make way to billows of smoke.

The game – which doesn’t have a release date, but is making good progress according to creator Billy Basso – is all about exploring a unique world occupied by animals. While these creatures aren’t necessarily hostile towards you, they will react to your presence in different ways, and it’s all about learning how they interact in order to progress.

Basso has built the entire experience from scratch: the game engine, the art assets, the lot – and it does have a unique look and feel to it as a result. Writing on the PS Blog, he explained that his goal is to ensure the experience is fulfilling for everyone – regardless of whether you’re a completionist or more of a casual. We’re enjoying what we’ve seen thus far.