It feels as though Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is flying way under the radar right now. This is Team Ninja's next major action RPG, taking all its experience with the Nioh series and shifting focus to Three Kingdoms era China. The game's fast and brutal combat looks great, but the focus of this latest trailer is the story.

Taking place in the Later Han Dynasty, the story follows a nameless warrior who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding Elixir, a mysterious and powerful substance. In your quest to quell the evil, you'll obviously go up against various demons and monsters, but will also meet various historical figures from the period, including Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian.

In practice, the storyline doesn't look a million miles away from other Souls-like titles; some sort of ultimate power, someone trying to claim it all for themselves, and the resulting death and destruction that causes. It's not exactly original, but it will at least make for an exciting action RPG when Wo Long arrives on 3rd March.

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