There’s not much conversation surrounding Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the FromSoftware-inspired PS5 and PS4 character action game from Team Ninja – and that’s largely because 2023 is absolutely stuffed to the gills with must play games, as we’ve outlined already. But in this 10 minute gameplay demo from IGN, it stands out as a title you should be paying attention to.

Clearly, following on from the Ninja Gaiden developer’s efforts with Nioh and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, there’s a very obvious blueprint here – but the studio rarely misses with its combat systems, and this is shaping up to be another top-notch turn-out from the studio. We’re particularly drawn in by the art direction, which is inspired by a dark fantasy version of China’s Three Kingdoms era.

Overall, this is a solid showing for a game which is flying under the radar a little bit. Is it on your wishlist at all? Sharpen your sword in the comments section below.