EA and Omega Force have released a brand new gameplay video of their upcoming monster-slaying action game, Wild Hearts. It's looking very promising indeed in this footage captured on PS5, and we get to see a trio of approaches to taking down a mighty Aragane, or Golden Tempest.

The Claw Blade is up first, which looks to actually be a pair of weapons you dual wield. One of the blades can be launched into a monster to build some damage over time while you slash away with the other. Next is a ranged weapon simply called The Cannon. This heavy-looking gun is all about hanging back and blasting away to chip at that health bar, before unleashing some explosive (but slow) special attacks. The third weapon shown is the Karakuri Staff, which can transform from a regular staff into an enormous greatsword for some seriously big blows.

Of course, the weapons are just one part of the arsenal; throughout the gameplay we also see how you can build structures and traps to aid you and your party. We see someone using a simple wall to hide behind while they heal, and someone spawning a huge mallet to deliver a big old smack.

The game is scheduled to arrive on 17th February, so it's getting very close now. Are you excited for Wild Hearts on PS5? Sharpen those blades in the comments section below.

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